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Lexus HS Hybrid for lease
The only description of the HS 250h is promising, but after 10 minutes at the wheel, we must admit that what we are told does not match the feeling that one experiences while riding in this luxury car. In short, driving impressions more closely resemble that of a Toyota Camry or a Lexus ES. The very nature of a hybrid does not lend itself to an interpretation of luxury, especially when the engine is a modest 4-cylinder as in the HS 250h. In search of lightness, aerodynamics, low rolling resistance, three measures professing fuel economy, soundproofing seems neglected and the perception of comfort, softness and luxury is not there..Before I sit down at the wheel, I had never even driven a car called luxury like this. Yet other Lexus hybrids have moved me hands in recent years and that without that I feel this cheap that sticks to the sheets of the HS 250h. And this has nothing to do with the Black Series is currently going through the owner of this luxury brand, Toyota..Talking at once saving since it is the dominant quality to emanate from this Lexus. In this chapter, the figures are gleaming with consumption ranging from 6.5 to 7 liters per 100 km, an average that better matches that of a subcompact car to a medium format. And that, even if it is difficult to operate the electric motor above 50 km / h while a simple Ford Fusion, under a light foot, will reach about 70 km / h before the electricity does not claim the assistance of the gasoline engine. With the HS should be a foot ballerina to do better.
Lexus GS Hybrid 2013 for lease
2013 GS 450h..The hybrid version of the GS series made its North American debut in Los Angeles. However, the GS450h has officially put his wheels at the Auto Show in Frankfurt last September. When designing the vehicle, mission engineers was mainly to make the car more energy efficient without compromising performance.
Lexus CT Hybrid for lease
The first compact luxury hybrid in the world, and incidentally the first Lexus model in the category of average 5-door, stands the Auris and Prius HSD III through his body at intermediate template, its equipment and finishing treated more peaufine.Toutefois or chassis, fully incorporates the CT 200h full hybrid system of both green Toyota. Short test to see if the rates are justified freely Premium..Presented in Geneva a year ago, the first full-time traction in Europe proposed by the premium brand of Toyota enters the market with some striking arguments. It shows for example 3.8 l/100 combined cycle and CO2 emissions reduced to 87 g / km standard combined cycle, values ??comparable to the smallest and the most sober of Volkswagen model, the Polo TDi BlueMotion..
Lexus GX for lease
Needless to mention that the heavily Lexus GX is none other than a Toyota 4Runner in his Sunday best. Obviously, the elements are ubiquitous luxury-vehicle to meet the hierarchy of brands. As for engines, we did not agree with that of the 4Runner. At Lexus, we have instead opted for a 4.6-liter V8 mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The Ultra Premium offers optional all-wheel drive more sophisticated than basic..In Car Guide last year, in his article on the Lexus GX470, Denis Duquet spoke to us in the quest for Toyota / Lexus to become the world's number one automotive. To do this, the Japanese company had to present a product in each niche, even cannibalizing products to make Toyota Lexus. In addition, Mr. Duquet denounced the condescending behavior of some leaders..

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2014 Lexus GX 460
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Test Drive 2014 Lexus ES 350
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