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Lexus LX for lease
Like the Toyota Land Cruiser which it derives, the Lexus LX570 is discreetly updated. A very smooth evolution and discretion..Although very small, the edits can appear more visible than on the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Lexus LX570 in benefits in effect for tuning the design of the grille to the latest models of the brand. That said, if the shell is moving more strongly the rest of the changes is that review details: interior style headlights with integrated daytime running lights, interior style lights, trim the license plate, cover the hitch , repeater flasher lamps in mirrors, refinished wood Macassar, new paint and upholstery ....No change in mechanical, the 5.7l V8 from 383 hp indeed remains unchanged, as the drive. Note, however, the chapter on improving skills, or rather easier access to them, with the new Multi-terrain Select (aka Terrain Response ....), improved or new Crawl Turn Assist Assist that Viant help during hard cornering by braking the inside rear wheel.
Lexus ES for lease
More and more manufacturers feel the need to combine sporty driving with the luxury. BMW does. Infiniti does. Mercedes-Benz does. Even Hyundai does with its Genesis sedan in 2012. Lexus does, at least, with its GS and IS sedans...But Lexus does not do with the ES 350. And that's okay.
Lexus CT Hybrid for lease
The first compact luxury hybrid in the world, and incidentally the first Lexus model in the category of average 5-door, stands the Auris and Prius HSD III through his body at intermediate template, its equipment and finishing treated more peaufine.Toutefois or chassis, fully incorporates the CT 200h full hybrid system of both green Toyota. Short test to see if the rates are justified freely Premium..Presented in Geneva a year ago, the first full-time traction in Europe proposed by the premium brand of Toyota enters the market with some striking arguments. It shows for example 3.8 l/100 combined cycle and CO2 emissions reduced to 87 g / km standard combined cycle, values ??comparable to the smallest and the most sober of Volkswagen model, the Polo TDi BlueMotion..
Lexus RX Hybrid for lease
Despite a sharper competition, Toyota continues to have a real advance in hybridization. Lexus, the premium sector of the Japanese group, confirms this supremacy with the RX 450h, designed to embody the flagship full hybrid crossover...Nowadays it is fashionable to manifest fiber ecological driving. And if some brands advocate the ER method with Start & Stop system, the first penknife to CO2 emissions, the most advanced Lexus-one-widen the gap by playing the high tech, that of the hybrid .

Lexus Manila launches the RC and RCF
Lexus Manila adds two new models to its current lineup.  The RC and RCF are stand-alone models and not two door derivatives of an existing sedan model.  Both have seen time during development on racetracks and are now on our shores.

2015 Lexus IS250 review Digital Trends
Digital Trends.2015 Lexus IS250 review Digital Trends I don't know anyone who hates Lexus , although I know plenty who hate its chief competitors: BMW, or Audi, or Mercedes-Benz. No one detests Lexus Ś although I don't know anyone who fervently loves the brand either. Ask anyone, from my fellow automotive┬á....

Lexus teases new F track car Is this the GS F?
Lexus may not be the first luxury car company you associate with track performance, but Toyota's high-end sibling is aiming to change that with a second "F" branded car to be shown off in Detroit next month. The unnamed "high performance" car will join the RC F coupe in Lexus' line-up, and is being described as "track-ready", something fans of … Continue reading

Review 2015 Lexus RC and RC F New York Times
New York Times.Review: 2015 Lexus RC and RC F New York Times Even as Lexus lost its lead in luxury sales to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, largely because of self-inflicted dullness, a philosophical question lingered: Do Lexus devotees even want exciting cars? Toyota's race-driving chairman, Akio Toyoda, has vowed to ... Welcome the all-new 2015 Lexus NX 3 news articles ».

Lexus concept is almost too beautiful for words Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Pittsburgh Post Gazette.Lexus concept is almost too beautiful for words Pittsburgh Post Gazette Sometimes, a car concept is almost too beautiful. Previewed at the recent LA Auto Show, the LF-C2 concept from Lexus is a design study in the form of a 2+2 roadster. It explores key styling themes involved in the Lexus brand's future, bolder styling ....

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