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Lexus GS Hybrid for lease
Driving a large luxury sedan with a hybrid engine seems a bit contradictory, but when you think about it, this has as much or more sense than a small hybrid car. Everyone already knew that to combine an electric motor and a fuel efficient engine substantially reduces consumption. The 2011 Lexus GS 450h borrowed this recipe and adds plenty of comfort...Design
Lexus LF LC for lease
DETROIT - We were warned. Lexus had planned to unveil in Detroit a design study called LF-LC, a hybrid four-seater sports coupe (yes, four seats) which is obviously the high end. We have had and seen. But it will at first be content with that...After this definition, we have learned in fact that it has a "hybrid powertrain next generation" capable of being fitted in the future some models of the Toyota lineup. In great detail, it boasts both its fuel and power. What is it really? Lips are sealed. What is the next generation of hybrid? This remains "secret", say the executives of Lexus. It must then be content with a front engine and rear-wheel drive. Meager.
Lexus IS for lease
Road repair crews would do well to emulate the Lexus slogan, "Conquest of perfection." I came across one of these craters, when I switched over, destroyed the tire of my car. If it happens to you, do not play the hero, call toll-free roadside assistance and save you hours of irritation...
Lexus LX for lease
Like the Toyota Land Cruiser which it derives, the Lexus LX570 is discreetly updated. A very smooth evolution and discretion..Although very small, the edits can appear more visible than on the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Lexus LX570 in benefits in effect for tuning the design of the grille to the latest models of the brand. That said, if the shell is moving more strongly the rest of the changes is that review details: interior style headlights with integrated daytime running lights, interior style lights, trim the license plate, cover the hitch , repeater flasher lamps in mirrors, refinished wood Macassar, new paint and upholstery ....No change in mechanical, the 5.7l V8 from 383 hp indeed remains unchanged, as the drive. Note, however, the chapter on improving skills, or rather easier access to them, with the new Multi-terrain Select (aka Terrain Response ....), improved or new Crawl Turn Assist Assist that Viant help during hard cornering by braking the inside rear wheel.

2015 Lexus IS250 review Digital Trends
Digital Trends.2015 Lexus IS250 review Digital Trends I don't know anyone who hates Lexus , although I know plenty who hate its chief competitors: BMW, or Audi, or Mercedes-Benz. No one detests Lexus Ś although I don't know anyone who fervently loves the brand either. Ask anyone, from my fellow automotive┬á....

To Woo Younger Buyers, Lexus Risks Turning Off Loyal Owners
In a recent commercial for the Lexus IS sedan, a young man enters his apartment and is alarmed to find water leaking through the ceiling from the apartment above. When he goes upstairs to investigate, he encounters a drenched young woman using her hands to try to stop a broken valve in the sink.

Lexus a non starter for Clouds
Hennessy winner Many Clouds will not be running in the Lexus Chase and is likely to reappear for a Gold Cup trial in the new year.

Electric Car Sales, Impact Of Hybrids, Lexus Watches Tesla Today s Car News Green Car Reports
Green Car Reports.Electric-Car Sales, Impact Of Hybrids, Lexus Watches Tesla: Today's Car News Green Car Reports Today we've got stories on how gas prices could affect electric-car sales, how hybrids could be better for cutting carbon emissions than hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and how Tesla Motors is influencing Lexus . All this and more on Green Car Reports. See ... Lexus Interested in Tesla's Shopping Mall Outlet Business Model Carscoops (blog).all 27 news articles ».

Lexus continues to forge its own path with the stylish RC350 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times.Lexus continues to forge its own path with the stylish RC350 Los Angeles Times The relentless pursuit of everything the Germans are doing doesn't always work for rival luxury brands like Lexus . Toyota's upscale division has long copied the playbook of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, then added reliability. But in the last two years, Lexus ....

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