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Lexus LF LC for lease
DETROIT - We were warned. Lexus had planned to unveil in Detroit a design study called LF-LC, a hybrid four-seater sports coupe (yes, four seats) which is obviously the high end. We have had and seen. But it will at first be content with that...After this definition, we have learned in fact that it has a "hybrid powertrain next generation" capable of being fitted in the future some models of the Toyota lineup. In great detail, it boasts both its fuel and power. What is it really? Lips are sealed. What is the next generation of hybrid? This remains "secret", say the executives of Lexus. It must then be content with a front engine and rear-wheel drive. Meager.
Lexus GS Hybrid 2013 for lease
2013 GS 450h..The hybrid version of the GS series made its North American debut in Los Angeles. However, the GS450h has officially put his wheels at the Auto Show in Frankfurt last September. When designing the vehicle, mission engineers was mainly to make the car more energy efficient without compromising performance.
Lexus IS for lease
Road repair crews would do well to emulate the Lexus slogan, "Conquest of perfection." I came across one of these craters, when I switched over, destroyed the tire of my car. If it happens to you, do not play the hero, call toll-free roadside assistance and save you hours of irritation...
Lexus ES for lease
More and more manufacturers feel the need to combine sporty driving with the luxury. BMW does. Infiniti does. Mercedes-Benz does. Even Hyundai does with its Genesis sedan in 2012. Lexus does, at least, with its GS and IS sedans...But Lexus does not do with the ES 350. And that's okay.

Lexus s RC F Cranks Up the Naughty to Challenge BMW M4 Bloomberg
Bloomberg.Lexus's RC F Cranks Up the Naughty to Challenge BMW M4 Bloomberg Lexus engineers have a sports car to be proud of. It's called the RC F, and it's 467 horsepower of rubber-searing fun. Lexus is not typically the brand you'd turn to when shopping for a rip-roaring, petrol-snorting street raptor. The Toyota Motor Corp ... Lexus engineers have a sports car to be proud of. It's... Mynextfone.all 5 news articles ».

Video Matt Farah Drives Lexus RC F GTspirit
GTspirit.Video: Matt Farah Drives Lexus RC F GTspirit In the world of luxury sports cars, the BMW M3 has and always will be, a really tough car to compete against. Now the coupe variant is known as the M4 and Lexus already has a rival for it on the market in the form of the RC F. YouTube Preview Image. Finally a naughty Lexus that wants to play 3 news articles ».

2015 Saleen S302 Mustang, 2016 Mercedes GLC, s Custom Lexus Motor Authority
2015 Saleen S302 Mustang, 2016 Mercedes GLC,'s Custom Lexus ... Motor Authority Saleen's first take on the 2015 Ford Mustang will wear the tuner's S302 badge. This week we saw a few more glimpses of the upcoming muscle car, which so far looks very mean. The best part is that it will deliver up to 640 horsepower. Ferrari 458 ....

Pandora and Lexus to Bring Free Pop up Concert Series to Southern California
Today Pandora , the leading internet radio service, announced a free, four-part, pop-up concert series, where it will work with the Southern California Lexus dealers to co

COOK Car Review Make a date with the 2015 Lexus RX 350 Washington Times
Washington Times.COOK: Car Review: Make a date with the 2015 Lexus RX 350 Washington Times I am all about a car that can drive itself - enter the 2015 Lexus RX 350. Already no stranger to luxury, but for 2015 the RX 350 has added a seven-inch display screen, rearview camera and optional LED headlights and fog lights to add to. As are all ....

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